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Phenomenal coaches are Moxii's foundation.

You went into coaching to help people, but you find yourself spending up to 70% on your time on everything but that - marketing, networking, invoicing, calendaring, and the list goes on. We have seen first hand the struggle that coaches go through as they are left to navigate what it means to launch their coaching business on their own. We believe that people need coaches to support them to unlock their lives and that coaches need more support to launch their business. You dedicated your life to helping others, let us handle everything else.

Types of Coaching at Moxii

Moxii's platform is built for and by phenomenal coaches. We are dedicated to your success and
believe in your potential to transform lives. Let us be the unlock to your coaching practice.

Career Growth

Career Navigation, Job Dissatisfaction and Change, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Career Advancement, People Leadership, Returning to Work, Time Management, Presentation and Communication Skills


Family, Love, Relationships, Wellness, Spirituality, Sexuality, Fulfillment, Finances, New Mom, Health, Work-Life Balance, Parenting Support, Defining and Achieving Goals, Confidence, Self-Care, Body Acceptance, Mindfulness


Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Navigating Change, Profitability, Productivity, Change Management, Nonprofit, Developing your Niche


Self Awareness, Executive Prescence, Stress and Crisis Management, Developing Vision, Inspirational Leadership, Leveraging your Strengths, Developing Confidence in your Management Style, Creating and Action Oriented Team, Communication, Peak Performance, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution

Moxii lets you focus on being a coach to your clients - without all of the extra admin work.


Marketing and networking can take upwards of 50% of a coaches time, taking precious hours away from your clients. Our SEO, social engagement, and marketing ensure a steady lead flow and allow you to do what you do best - coach!

Custom Profile Page

Instead of spending your budget on costly website design and upkeep, leverage your custom-built profile page to drive current clients and Moxii members to learn more and book with you. It's never been easier to make an immediate booking and have a strong impression!

Automated Scheduling and Payment

We know it can be a hassle to handle client scheduling and payment, so let us handle that. Moxii members schedule their coaching session based on your availability and pay upfront for their session. We work with the member on rebooking their next session with you, providing feedback, and ensuring a perfectly seamless experience.

Coach Dashboard

Your coach dashboard gives you access to your Moxii member's coaching information. Our tools enable you to provide transparent and timely session notes, activities for your clients, manage your calendar, track member feedback and history, and look at booking trends. We offer this functionality (and much more) to our coaches completely free.


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